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Hiah Park (Korean Shaman)

3 day Workshop + Dance Performance + Accommodation + 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Afgelopen
  • 1.102,50 euro
  • Kloosterhotel ZIN, Vught

Beschrijving van de dienst

HEALING IN ESTATIC STATE INTRODCUTION The last time Hiah Park performed in The Netherlands was more than 10 years ago. We are happy to welcome her here for the workshop: Healing in estatic state, ​ This workshops focus: Ancient traditional practices and reconnect with the inseparable qualities of purity and spirituality though the integration breath, music and dance. ​ ​ PRICE ​ €950,- ​ The price includes: The workshop A dance performance on day 2 The accommodation (hotel room for 2 nights, dinner, breakfast, lunch etc.) Optional you can book including a 1-on-1 coaching session (+€250,-) Do you want to use the 10% early bird discount? Book before 01-05-2022 ​ ​ HEALING IN ESTATIC STATE ​ Ecstatic experience means more than access to altered states of consciousness. ​ What potential can the experience of ecstasy unfold for our very own healing? Is there a healing without ecstasy? In what way is our microcosm connected to the macrocosm and how does our environment react in the individual healing process? ​ As a master of ecstatic trance dance, Hiah Park easily understands how to introduce open-minded people to the art of these techniques. HIAH PARK is a Korean healer, artist and mudang (shaman). Initially, Hiah Park worked as a musician and dancer in the classical Korean tradition - she is the first woman in Korea to be trained as a court musician. As a lecturer in Korean music and dance, as well as sound and movement improvisation, she taught at various universities for many years, including as a visiting professor at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and at the University of California. Since her shamanic initiation in 1981, she has traveled extensively, giving lectures and hosting workshops related to spiritual healing. With her ecstatic ritual dances, Hiah Park wants people to find a way show that they can heal their injured psyche so that what was once intended when we were born can be expressed. Her own form of ecstatic dance is called "Moa" ("Mo" = none and "a" = self, i.e. a state without ego).



Loonsebaan 82B, Vught, Nederland

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